Information Technology (IT) Infrastructure and Network Support for Federal Goverment Agencies

We assist Government agencies' non-IT oriented organizations who need better integration and management of their IT environment in furtherance of their non-IT missions.

Successful management of a significant IT environment requires appropriate onsite staff for user support with close contact to user requirements. We will provide expert support to your existing onsite staff to fill holes in required knowledge or experience. Our strengths are in selecting appropriate technical staff for onsite support.

Our staff have expertise in configuration and integration of Linux servers,  Internet Services, Oracle database, administration and applications. We provide Software Engineering and Systems Integration in diverse environments.

ISSI has made an investment in the management training, tools and techniques to be able to respond to and succeed under performance based statements of work for Enterprise Services. We will manage and continually improve the quality of performance to produce measurable improvements in services to satisfy client objectives.

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